Task: Try to get your city's population to reach one million citizens.

Rules of the game:

  1. You are the mayor of a city that starts with a population of 400,000. Left on its own, the city's population will naturally wax and wane. As the city's population increases above 500,000, the city's appeal decreases because of traffic jams, expensive housing, and crowds. As the city's population decreases below 500,000, the city's appeal increases because of easy travel, inexpensive housing, and open spaces.
  2. The appeal of the city determines how many people will move into or out of the city from year to year. If the city's appeal is positive, then there will be a net immigration INTO the city. If the appeal is negative, there will be a net emigration OUT of the city.
  3. Your only tool in controlling the city's population is media. When you add media in a given year, you will slightly increase the city's natural appeal.
  4. To win, you must achieve one million citizens in your city. At that point, your city becomes immediately eligible for certain federal grants.
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