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Gamma Calibration in Java

When doing psychophysical experiments over the web, it is often necessary to ensure that there is a linear relationship between the grayscale values in an image and the lumiance of those pixels. Most monitors have a nonlinear relationship such that the light gray values receive an expanded part of the scale and the shadows are compressed. To overcome this, we can measure the properties of the monitor and correct for this non-linearity.

For an application that illustrates this calibration at work, click here to download the GammaCalibration.zip file and then uncompress it and double-click on the TestImage.jar file.

The source code is avaliable from here, and should work in java applications, java webstart applications and java applets.

If you use this in an experiment, please cite this as:

Hull, K.A. & Busey, T. A. (2005) Gamma Calibration in Java. Unpublished software code downloadable from www.indiana.edu/~busey