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EEG Brainwave Data from Q301-Brain and Cognition. This group was intersted in the brain activity produced by high and low imagery words during a memory test. They asked their subject to indicate whether they Remembered seeing the word on the study list or just thought the word was familiar (the 'know' response). The colored plots are brain activity as viewed from the top of the head, plotted at different points in time.

This group decided that there wasn't enough evidence in their data to suggest that remember and know responses produce different patterns of brain activity as suggested by recollection and familiarity models. I'm not sure I agree with them; I see some differences early on at 200ms, but the data clearly are open to interpretation.

Click the image to see a larger version, or click here to see the full presentation by Nicholas Bube, Drew Finke,
Darcy Lemon, and Meaghan Topper in Powerpoint form.






During the Fall semester of 2004, I'm currently teaching:

Q270 Research Methods in Cognitive Science
T Th
Q270 Lab Research Methods in Cognitive Science


Introductory Psychology for Majors

Research Students (P49x/Q49x) and Honors Students
I periodically take on 4-5 students each semseter for work in my lab or senior honor's thesis work. Contact me via email for more information.